Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Radio-unforgettable days...

Actually the reason for writing this post is when i was reading this week's issue of Ananda Vikatan i read a article by a person who wrote his experience with the radio listening in his young days. I just recapped my experience. If anybody who has habit of listening radio will definitely have a impact.

My habit of listening radio started when i'm to my best of memory from my 7 or 8 years of age. My mom used to do the evening household listening to the cinema dialogue or some weekly serial dialogue in a small transistor radio which almost stopped its service one year back, i used to hear the same with her. After finishing the work she will go to the neighbours house to elaborate the story which she listened. I will be so irritated and i will disturb her by then only she will chase me out of the home. So that i can go out and play and she will discuss about the radio story.

Then my father, who bought a Sony 3 in 1 tape recorder for Rs.3000 when the gold was 700/soverign before my birth(ofcourse this is still working)wont even allow us to touch it. When he come home, he will start tuning to some channels raising the antennae of the radio. If he gets any signal mostly from any Srilankan channel or vivek bharathi, he will be so elated that we also will enjoy the channel without even understanding whats telecasted.

My actual craziness towards listening radio came during the age of 12. In those days radio programmes will be the virtual clock when starting to school in the morning. 7.15AM will be the news time,7.30 will be "Thirukkural" time but for me brushing time, at 7.40 "Indru Oru Thagaval" which will be the time for me to bath. At 7.50 have to tune to lankan channel for the cine song. There will be a commercial break at 8.15AM which will be the time for me to start to school.

During the Karthigai deepam festival there will bbe a live broadcast from Tiruvannamalai about the Deepam on AIR, that will be the time when my mom used to light the deepam in my home.

I still remember the Chennai test match between India and Pakistan 1999. I was listening the match on radio the last day. India was on the way to victory but atlast lost the match by 12 runs. But luckily the second test match at delhi become a history by Kumble's 10 wicket.

Then is the real part when my brother got a new transistor radio which he uses in his hostel. He will make all non sense with that to get the signal. He once bought a antennae suggested by a listener of srilankan shakthi FM on a radio programme and he installed it in my home to get the Lankan programme. Actually that listener used it tin nagapattinam to get the shakthi FM but my brother used it in Tirupattur. But really his efforts will get some tamil channels in the night. Once that antennae got the signal from the nearby police office's walky radio signals also.

In one programme some one told its very easy to start a radio channel. On hearing this, me and my brother started constructing a radio station with two FM microphone(one is original and another is what we made with resisters and diodes by seeing the original's circuit diagram). But finally we didnt get to know how to connect the tape recorder and the mic. So that idea was dropped.

The voices of Saroj Narayanasamy, Thenkatchi Ko Swaminathan, P.H. Abdul Ameed will all be awesome to listen.

In the modern radio, that is FM era, the awesome, lovely voice is from the RJ Suchitra. All will think Suryan FM is the first commercial FM started in chennai but Radio Mirchi started its telecast two days before Suryan with Suchitra's 3hrs programme in evening. Her night programme will be too nice that you will feel sleepy but wont feel to miss her voice by sleeping. Many full days had passed for me just by listening the FM during my college days.Kodai FM and Suryan FM in salem are unforgettable part of my college days.

Radio is such an wonderful media which our media legends wasted it on commercials. Ofcourse thats the reason Kodai FM is getting best prize every year for best AIR radio station. The Lankan radio are the best if we want to listen nice programme. Ofcourse internet live streaming helps a lot to get those channels.