Monday, December 6, 2010

Patna - India's history sleeps here...

I went to this historical place on a cool season which changed my entire opinion on India. The first thing i noted in this place is the dietary habit which the rest of the country loosing. The habit of going with nature, every vendor in the train or railway platform is carrying a natural eatables. No chemicals.

But the next thing which i saw made me to frown. Every station in the state is filled with a row human creatures lying asleep in the night. These people dont have a shelter. Still the constitution is not fully established in this state.

At that momemt, kerala based railway employee, gave a information that human lives are not considered a matter. Illegal activities are very common and its very unsafe to go out in night. So not even Gandhi's dream came true.

Transport is one of the horrible one in Patna and the entire Bihar. No public transport system, neither govt nor private operated. Only cycle rickshaw, auto rickshaw...The reason is very funny...No citizen is willing to pay money for the travelling ticket...But the people are dedicated in their work...but no one seems to have a good IQ (Person driving the car only on second gear, a crowd inside the ATM centre, travelling in roof top with the entire van empty)

The only thing which makes us feel is the feel that the Indian history started in Pataliputra. The oldest Nalanda university, Buddha gaya, Jamshedpur steel city, and many more to mention...If we want ot write anything on India's history both ancient and modern, patna will find a first mention.

Patna museum has a plenty of good old sculptures aging from 2A.D. brought from all part of India, afganistan, Burma, China, Srilanka, etc., collections of Rajendra Prasad, Nehru, etc.,

But in recent years, Patna and Bihar as a whole had a reasonable developments. Many villages which has not experienced electricity is glowing now, a few flyovers in the city, wide railway stations, many many government schemes and many to mention.

Recent surprise is out of elected 243 MLA, 19 where Doctorate holders. Another thing to mention is, Bihar is one of the state which gives the nation more number of IAS officers.

The final opinion after the visit to Bihar is, we can't declare India as a developed one without sufficient contribution to and from this part of the country.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Higginbotham's - the place for book worms...

The Third important landmark in Anna Salai of Chennai is Higginbotham's Book Shop in front of the LIC Buildings.

The Higginbotham's is an Indian company of book sellers and publishers based in the city of Chennai. The main bookstore at Mount Road, Chennai has the reputation of being India's oldest bookshop in existence.

The Higginbotham's was established by an English librarian named Abel Joshua Higginbotham.It is alleged that he arrived in India as a British stowaway. In fact he was born 1 February 1819 and baptised 7 March at cannonore, Madras.

In the 1840s, he was employed as a librarian with a bookstore named Weslyan Book Shop run by Protestant missionaries. However, the store suffered heavy losses and the missionaries who ran the business decided to sell their shop for a low price. Higginbotham purchased the business and set up his own store and called it "Higginbotham's" in the year 1844. The Higginbotham's is, therefore, India's oldest bookstore in existence. Soon, it gained a reputation for quality. John Murray, in his Guidebook to the Presidencies of Madras and Bombay in 1859, describes Higginbotham's as the "premier bookshop of Madras".

The Higginbotham's started selling stationery and also publishing and printing their own books from the 1860s onwards. When the British Crown took over the governance of India from the British East India Company by the Queen's Proclamation of 1858, copies of the Proclamation were printed in English and Tamil and distributed all over the Presidency by Higginbotham's. he Higginbotham's were appointed as the "official booksellers to His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales" during the latter's visit to India in 1875. Abel Joshua Higginbotham served as the Sheriff of Madras in 1888 and 1889. From 1890 to 1920, the Higginbotham's were the sole suppliers to the Connemara Public Library. James Higgs, who was the Managing Director from 1890 onwards, was a prominent Freemason who had previously served as the Grand Deacon of England and the Deputy District Grand Master of Master.

Abel also involved his son C. H. Higginbotham in his business. On Abel's death in 1891, the firm passed on to the hands of his son C. H. Higginbotham. C. H. expanded the business beyond Madras. Higginbotham bookstalls were established in Southern Railway stations. In 1904, the Higginbotham's moved to a new building that has been specifically built for the firm. In 1929, the Higginbotham's had as many as 400 employees.

In 1921, Higginbotham's was purchased by John Oakshott Robinson who added the store to his group the Associated Publishers. Associated Publishers was bought by S. Anantharamakrishnan of Amalgamations Group in 1945 and has since remained a part of the conglomerate. Some of Higginbotham's famous customers were Clement Attlee, Chakravarti Rajagopalachari and S. Radhakrishnan. Rev. Miller, who established the Madras Christian College, was another regular at Higginbotham's.

The Higginbotham's was the largest bookstore in India till the 1990s. In 1989, renovations helped restore the original look upon the building.

The Higginbothams has a chain of 22 outlets spread across the South Indian states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala.

You will wonder, Higginbotham's working hours are very narrow. 10.00AM to 8.00 PM Never opens on sundays. You will always find a security at the entrance round the clock(In 2005, ofcourse, Higginbotham's was stealed by its own security personnel).

Saturday, June 26, 2010

LIC Buildings - Makes you Lift your Head...

When you enter the Anna Salai (then Mount Road)in Chennai, u will never miss the sight of the LIC buildings which has become the popular landmarks in this Metro.

LIC buildings was built on 55 ground of plot, this 177 feet tall building till date remains the popular symbol of modern architecture in Chennai. This 14 storied building has 1,26,000 sq.ft of floor area and stands on 521 pneumatic caisson piles that run to a depth of 35 feet. Built at the cost of 87 lakhs in 1959. The building consumed about 26,000 sq.ft of special glass that was treated with infra-red rays, stove enameled and made water resistant with synthetic enamel paint.

M Ct.M.Chidambaram Chettair conceived this building in 1952 as the head office of United India Life Assurance and New Guardian Life Insurance. H.J.Brown and L.C.Moulin, the London based architects, drew the designs.

The construction commenced in 1953. The London architects withdrew in 1957 and the rest of the construction was overseen by Chennai based architect L.M.Chitale. The completed office building was to become the office of LIC and not that of the United India Life Insurance because the insurance service was nationalised by 1956 and all the assets were made over to LIC.

Like Spencer Plaza, this building was also a victim of Fire Accident in beginning of 1970's latter restructured to the present state. During the Bangladesh war, this building is used by the army as a control room and as a surveillance tower to identify from which building in the city the light glows (its supposed to put off the lights after sunset during war periods. Some sources say that missiles are also installed during that war period on this building)

In Mid-July 2012 some noticed a crack in the 11th floor of the building which the building engineers attributed to the work of the Chennai Metro Rail Project right outside the building. But it was denied by the CMRL and IIT-M experts. Later the defect was corrected jointly by LIC and CMRL.

This important landmark of Chennai that consumed 1000-ton steel and 3000-ton cement was inaugurated on August 23 1959. Standing bravely even after 50 years.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

National Highways - Some facts...

The wealth of any country will grow only with the network of effective transport facility. India one of the biggest developing countries in the world has an huge network of transport system. Most of which were laid by the English people, which were well developed to meet the growing needs.

National Highways in India is managed by National Highways Authority of India (NHAI)which is constituted as per the NHAI Act passed in Indian Parliment in 1988. It is responsible for the development, maintenance and management of National Highways entrusted to it and for matters connected or incidental thereto. The Authority was operationalised in Feb, 1995.

NHAI's active contribution started with its Golden Quadrilateral Project implemented by the A. B. Vajpayee's Union Government in the goal of connecting the two ends of the country Kanyakumari and Kashmir with Road network with a web connecting all the major Sea ports.

NH no 7 which is considered as the India's longest National Highway is included in the Golden quadrilateral project. Indian road network is the world's second largest one with about covering 33 lakhs KM of roads of which 200 KM is considered to be Express Highway were the minimum speed is around 100 KM/Hr and about 70,548 KM in NH with maximum speed of 70 KM/Hr.

In Tamil Nadu the major NH are 7, 46,and 47. Salem, Krishnagiri are starting points for one NH each. Madurai, Trichy and salem forms the junction point for about 5 NH each.

The first public - private project for four lane road on build-operate-hand over basis in Tamil Nadu is implemented in coimbatore byepass road connecting Coimbatore and Pallakad. This project is carried over by L&T company with arrangement of operating for 25 years.

The infrastructure development in the Road sector in India had made enormous changes in the recent years offering millions of job oppurtunities contributing to the development of the whole country.

NHAI has released security bonds on the face value of Rs. 10000 which in the 2011 in the aim of fund raising. This will be a safe investment option but with a nominal interest rate of 6%. Recently Union Government has decided to form a new organisation for raising the finance towards the projects of NHAI. So in feature investment in NHAI will turn into a profitable one.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Spencer Plaza - Chennai Shops Here...

Spencer Plaza is one of the must visit place in Chennai. To hang out, to see the modernization, to shop, etc., But most of the people who visit this place don't know the other side of this huge historical place.

Spencer Plaza(then Spencer) was started as the south Asia's first departmental store in 1863 by Charles Durant and J. W. Spencer.

After few years the store was shifted to a new building which is example of Indo - Sarconic architecture. This departmental store continued to be the one of the biggest mall for more than 100 years when in 1985 a fire accident destroyed the entire buliding.

Followed which the present building was constructed in early 1990's by the Mangal Tirth Estate limited, a property development company owned by a group of NRI's. Recently the third phase of the plaza is opened. This third phase is built resembling the old destroyed building with huge pillars.

Now the mall has more than 600 shops of varying brandnames and number of non brabded local shops. The mall is located in the Mount Road, officially called the Anna Salai. The mall is built on the floor space of 10lakh sq ft which is the costliest real estate property in the city. (one sq ft costs around Rs. 2lakh in mount road).

This mall also provides accomodation for the offices for many MNC's and BPO's. The second phase of the mall opens its shutter at around 8.30AM for giving its way for the Landmark which has the policy of opening by 8.45AM. the other shutters remains closed for another one hour expecting a day long movement of the traffic.

Though many malls opened in the city, the glamour of this mall has not went down giving place for around 40000 people on weekdays and 60000 people on weekends to spend their time.

Spencer Plaza remains the second place for the chennai people next to the Marina to hang out.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Jolarpettai Railway Junction - History Reviewed....

Jolarpettai Railway Junction (JTJ) - a landmark for all the people in and around Jolarpettai when they go out of the district. This junction has to be mentioned if we start to talk about the history of Southern Railways and the history of Vellore District (then North Arcot Ambedkar District).

It is situated in the foothills of Yelagiri Hills. 7 Km from Tirupattur Town, 60 Km from Vellore City, 212 km from Chennai Central. Jolarpettai Junction is situated in the selection grade panchayat Union, to rightly say this panchayat is in jolarpettai junction.

The history of Jolarpettai Junction goes back to 1860's. When Madras Railways is started the rail started running from Royapuram to Wallajah Road, which latter extended to Arakkonam. In the mean time rail line work was started in 1864 in the Jolarpettai - Bangalore Contonement route in which Bangalore mail started its journey in 1868.

I have heard old railway people in jolarpettai saying(i spent my early childhood days in Jolarpettai) this town is named after a british person " JOLAR" who was assigned the job of creating a place for Railway basement for their employees. Its obvious that the entire town is only with railway quarters. (Now many private residentials came out).

The Brindavan Express when introduced in the late 1960's was considered one of the fastest train at that time which crosses the Jolarpettai - Bangalore contonment section in 1hour 3o min.(now it takes around 3hours i think). This shows how people worked in this part of railways those days.

Jolarpettai Junction is one of the biggest junction in the Indian Railways and is the only station in Asia having sixteen tracks. This Junction handles about 60 passenger trains daily of which few trains originate from this Junction notable one is the popularly called JP express(Yelagiri Exp) which is now for name sake originating from Tirupattur. This Junction doesn't satisfies the norms for the status of junction which actually has to connect all the four direction but connecting only three direction Salem, Bangalore and Chennai. This will be soon compensated by the proposed Tiruvannamalai Route.

After upgrading the next station Tirupattur as Junction, the traffic in JTJ has reduced to a certain extent. But after that many trains made up their correct time due to the releif congestion occurred in this point. This Junction station is unique in one sense, this will be lazy during day times and will be in full swing in the night. I have seen one day that all the five platforms are with express trains, two heading bangalore, two towards Chennai and one towards Salem. It surprising with in five minutes all the trains were cleared. Thats the track arrangemnt. This wont happen in any of the junctions in Southern Railway.

Jolarpettai Junction is one of the Class A Junction in the Southern Railways which comes under Salem Division. This Junction has all the facilities of workshop, shelter for the goods trains. This Junction is unique in one thing of having the ticket counter in the first floor on the bridge. This Junction has two bridges one with steps and another with the ramp which connects two villages of the town, Kodiyur and Eadayampatti.

Interesting Facts about JTJ:
1. This junction gets its water source from River Paalar, the pump house for which is situated about 20 km from the Junction near Ramanaiyakenpettai.
2. The adjacent station Kethandapatti serves for the storage of the water received from the river.
3. The curd rice and Medhu Vada sold in the Junction is once considered best in the Chennai - Coimbatore section. (even now I think...?)
4. A typical announcement can be heard often " The Blue Mountain Express will stop and go in the Platform few minutes" instead of "The Blue Mountain Express will arrive at Platform No few minutes"
5. During early 1990's this junction served the entire town with water when it went dry.

It is proposed to elevate the standards of the Junction in the near future and the works are on progress.

I hope when you people get down in this station defenitely you feel that you are on an historical place

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Angaadi Theru...Tamil Movie Review

Starring: Magesh, Anjali, Sneha(Guest Performance)
Director: Vasantha Balan
Music: G V Prakash
This film is from the minds of the block buster movie 'Veyil' director Vasantha balan. He proved again his talent in this movie, which is based on the life in Chennai's shopping hub T.Nagar.

Director made all his efforts to make the audience to feel the reality in the movie. To boost his efforts, each character in the film played their best part. Story starts by narrating a real incidence that happened in the platforms of chennai.
Hero Magesh is a sales boy in a textile firm who was forced to do this job due to his family situation and heroine Anjali is a sales girl who was also forced here because of her family. (Almost every one in this field have some or the other family reality also). The torture they face in the work area will definitely make the audience to behave in friendly manner when they go to shopping next time.
The boy can easily tolerate the tortures but the girl....its worth thinking when a sales girl smiles at you in the shop. Though the movie is full of sentiments, after each such scene there is some comedy scene to keep you on flow with the movie.
When that girl commit suicide we automatically get the feel of killing that guy, but when he justify his part,it really explains the situation.
Sneha who starred as a ad model also is there to prove something behind all the ad films.(her appearance says something about which shop the film is about).
Director in one of his interview told he stayed in a mansion in the T.Nagar to write the script for the film and this is something he witnessed. (in the movie, all the shops name was there except one shop....???)
Officials who see this movie should take actions to ensure the welfare of huge working population. I think these people doesnt have any advantage of the ESI,PF, etc.,
Hope this movie opens the door for the smiley customers....

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Manithanukkulle Oru Mirugam - A Book Review

Title: Manithanukkulle Oru Mirugam
Language: Tamil
Author: Cartoonist Madhan
Publisher: Vikatan Media Services
Price: Rs. 110/=

I have read this book a year ago. But it will be apt to have a review on this at this time. This book is a compilation of the serial articles published in Junior Vikatan during the days Madhan Started writing stories like Late Sujatha, who use to write in Ananda Vikatan. This book focussed only the dark aspects of the human beings. Analysed in a very different manner even a psychologist will hesitate to talk. Even the author himself has given a disclaimer that the reader should not consider him as psycho.

Author has described mostly the incidents that happened in the western countries. Similiar things also happened in our part of the world also. Most of the incidents were about the one man worship and its consequences. Author so intelligent to convince the reader that this are all due to the innocence of the people and not the community leader.

The incident which made me to frown is the one happened in late 50's that the US army itself failed to attack a prayer community organised by a single man who declared himself as the Prophet.

Altogether a must read book by every one. (Particularly at this time)

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Union Budget 2010 - In the layman Language

Union Budget 2010 was one of the most expected from Pranab's office as this will become the boost for the country after a world's big economic dip. When the dollor and euro struggled to make it up, Rupee managed to come out of the grave yard like a Phoenix. So this year's finance report is expected to turn as a health drink to the country's economy.

PM(Gold medalist from Harward University in Finance) and home minister(MBA in Finance & prof of finance) being a big dawns of the economic affairs joined hands with Aluwalia and Pranab to present a nice budget this year.

In the outline if we see this budget it will look as of the budget is against the middle class people.

Ofcourse it is!!! The hike in the petroleum price - which will affect the price of all materials.
The hike in the import tax for the gold and platinium - which will make the middle class to remember it only in the chemistry table.

But if we see these hike which affect the common people from the ruler's point of view will fetch lot of capital income. For example from Reliance refineries itself Govt will gain 5500 crores as tax. We should keep in mind that Reliance is the second biggest refinery after the govt owned one's. There are few more small petroleum refineries in the country.

In another point of view, people will start walking or use public transport for going to market.

The import tax for the gold will indirectly increase the government share of buying gold rather than the gold council. Last year Reserve Bank of India brought about 108 tons of gold which remains the highest comparing any of the world's reserve bank.

I think no one will comment on the hike in tobacco products.

When viewing these hikes in long term aspect, it will help in a while.

Coming to the benefits of the Budget, first is the change in the IT norms. As per the FM's statement it will benefit 60% of the tax payers and this will also motivate non tax payers also to file the returns which in turn increase the govt's income.

The increase in the savings limit from 1 lak to 1.2 lak of which the 20000 as a investment in the infrastructure bonds will help the infrastructure development and also this will pave way for the govt bonds to become popular. people will develop the habit of investing.

The concession given for housing loans, early payment of agri loans, fund sanction for the rural development, tax exception for the contribution for CGHS, etc are the main highlights of the budget.

Fund allocation to the health sector still didnt satisfy WHO norms. Military's contribution remains high this time also showing the threat to the country.

At this point of time, people should know where to invest their money. My point of view is, invest in some
tax saver mutual fund plans,
Dont forget the life insurance(go for term insurance rather than ULIP)
Take a separate medical insurance rather than clumping it with other plans(Life is important, don't expect offers)
If you cannot offer a big amount as premium every year go for Govt bond(preferably central govt infrastructure bonds)
If that also seems to big go for postal certificates like NSC, NSS...
Unless you are not a pensioner don't opt for term deposit in banks, which is no way useful for youngsters.
When market looks to come under Bull's hand try investing in good company's share.

thats all about this year's overview on Union Budget and recommendation on investment. There may be some change in the budget before it passes in both the houses which may alter the overall view.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Days are Changing...(A short story-My first attempt)

“Hello Priya…” Rajesh called his loving wife after a 10-hour stretch of work in a leading IT company in the city.

“Haaai darliinnng…” she responded in her usual loving tone, “how’zzz the day?” she asked.

“So hectic…” replied Rajesh in his tired voice.

“Ok dear. Have some drinks to cool yourself” she tried to relieve his suffering.

He sipped soft drink from the refrigerator and after a bath, he asked her, ‘Oh dear. What for dinner? Same thing today? Chappathi?’

“Take the dough from fridge’ she added.

After the dinner was over, he cleared the dishes from microwave and asked how her day was. “Lots of work still pending da… don’t know what to do!” Meanwhile, he switched the TV on to his favorite comedy channel Aditya and turned towards his wife. ‘Oh! God’, he exclaimed on seeing ‘401 WEB PAGE NOT FOUND’

Priya got frustrated thinking that Broadband service standards were still bad in India compared to the US on seeing the Rajesh’s profile in OFFLINE mode on GTALK!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Overview on Cobalt-60 - From the reactor to the teletherapy machine

Cobalt is a heavy metal well known for more than 300 years. Since all the forms of cobalt is highly unstable, no free form of it persists in nature. Cobalt is available in the form of ore.

40% of the world's cobalt comes from Zambia and Congo. There are many forms of isotope available for cobalt of which only Co60 has the longest half life of 5.27years. Artificial Co60 is created by bombarding a Co59 target with a slow neutron source, usually 252Cf moderated through water to slow the neutrons down, or in a nuclear reactor such as CANDU, where adjuster rods usually made of steel are instead made of 59Co.

Usually the Co60 used in medicine is produced in the size of 2 x 1.5cm cylinder. In India Co60 is produced by Board of Radio Isotope Technology(BRIT), Mumbai which supplies the cobalt source all over India and sometimes exports to foreign countries.

The supply and use of all the isotopes supplied by BRIT is supervised by Atomic Energy Regulatory Board(AERB). When a registered medical institute orders for the isotope with BRIT, it receives the total or part of the payment and place the orders with the Lab.

When the isotope is ready for delivery, the customer is informed to receive the source by paying the full amount(At present it costs Rs.40laks including transportation)The transport and loading process will be undertaken by the Teletherapy machine's manufacturer. The package will be packed in a lead shield and transported to the medical institute.

Under the supervision of the physicist authorized by AERB, the source loading will be done.

Since the half life of Co60 is 5.27 yrs it will emit radiation that can be used for treatment atleast for 10yrs. After that a new source should be purchased. While buying the teletherapy machine itself they will load the Co60 source,so 10 yrs after buying a new machine only, there will be need for source replacement.

The old decayed source will be taken back by AERB for safe disposal as per the guidelines of International Atomic Energy Agency(IAEA).Cobalt from radiotherapy machines has been a serious hazard when not disposed of properly, and one of the worst radiation contamination accidents in North America occurred in 1984, after a discarded cobalt-60 containing radiotherapy unit was mistakenly disassembled in a junkyard in Juarez,Mexico.

In Madras Medical College, the present machine is purchased in 1994 which is preloaded with the Co60 source which is now replaced after completing its third half life. Before that, a old form of teletherapy machine called Janus was used in which the source is loaded in the early 80s. SO its been more than 25 yrs for MMC to witness the source loading.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Goa - Movie Review

Title: Goa
Starring: Premji Amaran, Jai, Vaibhav Reddy, Sneha, Paiaa Bajpai, Melony Mary
Guest Performance: Nayanthara, Simbu,
Director: Venkat Prabhu
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Producer: Ocher Studio's Soundarya Rajinikanth
CBFC: Strictly A

Its a one line story. Three friends are going to Goa, enjoying the stay there. This one line theme is projected well on the screen with 14 reel of comedy and without logic.

Premji, Jai and Vaibhav were friends who run out of the village and heads to Goa in search of foreign girls and then fly abroad. These people are helped by two Gays. During their stay each one of them gets a girl of which premji make his dream of loving a foriegn girl.

The initial 20 minutes movie is superb. Definitely the city people will love those scenes. The cinematography is very nice, showing the beauty of Goa but should have explored Goa more instead of models. Though the doesnt have any logic, the love scenes of premji and mary were so touchable.

The worst part of the movie is the track played for Gay aspects. Dont no Tamil movie is turning into hollywood style now a days(But AVATAR has got many good old tamil sentiments)

Yuvan played his part well in rerecording but missed in playback except in goa song. No song remainds in mind.

Venkat Prabu didnt break his mind much. Just stealed the best part of all the tamil movies and used them appropriately.

Altogether leaving few minus GOA - Go to enjoy - Just 3 hrs journey.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A outline of Radiation Oncology - A Introduction

The beginning of the 20th century was marked by many health problems like plague, Dengue, Cholerae, etc., which all were due basic sanitation issues that arose due to industrial revolution and war situations during world wars. These problems were very well tackled with the advent of effective antibiotics.

The end of 20th century started facing a new kind of health problem in the form of CANCER. The word Cancer itself now turned into a worrisome issue. This disease is mostly due to the modern lifestyle and changing trends in the environment. Whatever the problem we face we ourself find the solution for that.

Yes. For cancer also we found many form of treatment, one of which is the RADIOTHERAPY and the branch of medicine that deals with it is the RADIATION ONCOLOGY.

When we hear the word radiation definitely ,we definitely tend to recall the incident happened to Japan in second world war through Nuclear bomb. Many incidents happened after that like Bokran Nuclear Tests, Bhopal Tragedy, Kalpakkam nuclear reactor, Famous Koodangulam Nuclear project and the famous Nuclear treaty signed by India with US followed with other countries too. Though we read this, hear this on medias, most of us are unaware of the fact that the same Radiation is used to treat the deadliest disease CANCER.

Ofcourse. From the day Roentegen discovered X-Ray followed by the treatment of Breast cancer patient by Dr. Gabreal supposed to be the first radiation oncologist, the miracles of Radiotherapy came to light.

Initially the Radiation treatment was done with the help of low energy X-Rays with out any proper gudelines and treatment protocols which added many side effects. In the early 1930's one institute in England started Radiotherapy department for the treatment of cancers followed by the Barnard Institute of Radiation Oncology in Madras Medical College which become the Asia's First premier institute to start the Radiotherapy department.

In the Late 1950's the X-Rays were overtaken by Cobalt-60 isotopes which made a revolution in the treatment of cancers all over the world. Later many isotope sources like Caecium, Iridium, Radium, etc., were introduced in radiotherapy which are used in different ways.

In the late 1980's a new form of machine called LINEAR ACCELERATOR was introduced which paved the way for hitech treatment planning reducing the side effects and improving the quality of life of people. The beginning of 21st century witnessed new innovations in the field of Radiotherapy like CYBER KNIFE, Intensity modulated radiotherapy, Image guided radiotherapy, Stereotactic radiosurgery etc.,

Radiation which is one of the cause of the cancer becomes the treatment for the same when properly planned and executed with proper radiation generators.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ayirathil Oruvan-Tamil Film Review

Movie: Ayirathil Oruvan
Starring: Karthik, Reema Sen, Andriya, Parthiban & Co
Director: Selvaragavan

Actually the film starts with the flash back that goes to 11 century with cholas encroaching the Pandiyas teritory and stealing their God's idol. In the meantime due to war situation the son of chola empire was given adoption to a caregiver to maintain the dynasty.

In the real life time, a archeological scientist who is in search of the pandiya's idols, turned to br missed during his journey. The Government appoints a secret team in search of the missing scientist and continue the search. In the team the casting hero Karthik also joinas a helper, and Reema sen heads the team with Andriya, the daughter of the missing archeologist also joins.

These team heads the Vietnam harbour, proceeding further with the boat who are facing 7 different problems like attacking by a misterious sea animal, the village of human flesh eaters, group of suicide attackers, place full of snakes, dessert, land of sand pits, and finally the mysterious village.

After reaching the place of cholas, Reema sen identifies herself as the messenger of the Cholas, and she came there to inform the prince about the time of his emergence of the chola dynasty. But actually Reema Sen is a Pandiyas legalheir who was brought up by his parents to recover the their God's idol snatched by the cholas during 12 century.

Reema sen makes every plan to destroy the chola village and inform the Ex-Army Major who was supposed to be one of the 8 remaining person of the Pandiyas empire, who bring all others and a full army force to the site to fight against the Cholas.

In the mean time Karthik gets the love of Chola people by his intelligency, and become part of them more over as the future caregiver of Chola's Son. Karthik heads the cholas' army against the modern army headed by Reema sen.

Finally Cholas army gets defeated by the modern army, where the cholas all are impsisoned. The modern army take their chance to soil the Cholas women which make the Prince(Parthiban) to loose his life and Karthik turns his face as a care giver of Parthiban's son.

Its a different try in the Tamil movie industry trying to use the history as a commercial stage. Well done selva. Director has correctly used the charcters at the right place in the right set up.

Using Reema sen for both romance scene, fight and for some comedy. Andriya for romance and comedy. Parthiban character is not fully utilised giving a grand intro and finishing it as a comedy character.

Some places is not clear. The place where Karthik, Reema, Andriya become injured due to heavy sound and getting delusion to kill each others and all becoming normal is not clear.

Its so cinematic that how indian army enters a foriegn teritory with a call given to a minister. It reminds the incidence happened in Sri Lanka by Indian peace force.

Rerecording is superb. The irritating thing is most of the scenes are snatched from the many hollywood movies.

All together Ayirathil Oruvan-Ayirathil oru Tamil Padam.

Monday, January 18, 2010

BIRO-The legends signing off...

Place: BIRO,MMC,Chennai.
As the sun raises at one time, it has to set down when time comes. Today is the time for the exam going PG's of BIRO organised their farewell party in the department.
As expected all the staff members except the assistants joined with us in the function. Lakshmi Narashimman presided the function and followed by the speech of all the outgoing PG's.
Mayura and ASK made long speech and priya n usha gave short n sweet ending. After feliciting the Prof the function is highlighted by my video presentation which was enjoyed by every one.
After the presentation Prof gave their speech and ended by the tasteful lunch.
The hot is, as the last day Sathyamoorthy came in the Tata Nano and evryone had the nice drive.