Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ayirathil Oruvan-Tamil Film Review

Movie: Ayirathil Oruvan
Starring: Karthik, Reema Sen, Andriya, Parthiban & Co
Director: Selvaragavan

Actually the film starts with the flash back that goes to 11 century with cholas encroaching the Pandiyas teritory and stealing their God's idol. In the meantime due to war situation the son of chola empire was given adoption to a caregiver to maintain the dynasty.

In the real life time, a archeological scientist who is in search of the pandiya's idols, turned to br missed during his journey. The Government appoints a secret team in search of the missing scientist and continue the search. In the team the casting hero Karthik also joinas a helper, and Reema sen heads the team with Andriya, the daughter of the missing archeologist also joins.

These team heads the Vietnam harbour, proceeding further with the boat who are facing 7 different problems like attacking by a misterious sea animal, the village of human flesh eaters, group of suicide attackers, place full of snakes, dessert, land of sand pits, and finally the mysterious village.

After reaching the place of cholas, Reema sen identifies herself as the messenger of the Cholas, and she came there to inform the prince about the time of his emergence of the chola dynasty. But actually Reema Sen is a Pandiyas legalheir who was brought up by his parents to recover the their God's idol snatched by the cholas during 12 century.

Reema sen makes every plan to destroy the chola village and inform the Ex-Army Major who was supposed to be one of the 8 remaining person of the Pandiyas empire, who bring all others and a full army force to the site to fight against the Cholas.

In the mean time Karthik gets the love of Chola people by his intelligency, and become part of them more over as the future caregiver of Chola's Son. Karthik heads the cholas' army against the modern army headed by Reema sen.

Finally Cholas army gets defeated by the modern army, where the cholas all are impsisoned. The modern army take their chance to soil the Cholas women which make the Prince(Parthiban) to loose his life and Karthik turns his face as a care giver of Parthiban's son.

Its a different try in the Tamil movie industry trying to use the history as a commercial stage. Well done selva. Director has correctly used the charcters at the right place in the right set up.

Using Reema sen for both romance scene, fight and for some comedy. Andriya for romance and comedy. Parthiban character is not fully utilised giving a grand intro and finishing it as a comedy character.

Some places is not clear. The place where Karthik, Reema, Andriya become injured due to heavy sound and getting delusion to kill each others and all becoming normal is not clear.

Its so cinematic that how indian army enters a foriegn teritory with a call given to a minister. It reminds the incidence happened in Sri Lanka by Indian peace force.

Rerecording is superb. The irritating thing is most of the scenes are snatched from the many hollywood movies.

All together Ayirathil Oruvan-Ayirathil oru Tamil Padam.

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