Friday, February 19, 2010

Days are Changing...(A short story-My first attempt)

“Hello Priya…” Rajesh called his loving wife after a 10-hour stretch of work in a leading IT company in the city.

“Haaai darliinnng…” she responded in her usual loving tone, “how’zzz the day?” she asked.

“So hectic…” replied Rajesh in his tired voice.

“Ok dear. Have some drinks to cool yourself” she tried to relieve his suffering.

He sipped soft drink from the refrigerator and after a bath, he asked her, ‘Oh dear. What for dinner? Same thing today? Chappathi?’

“Take the dough from fridge’ she added.

After the dinner was over, he cleared the dishes from microwave and asked how her day was. “Lots of work still pending da… don’t know what to do!” Meanwhile, he switched the TV on to his favorite comedy channel Aditya and turned towards his wife. ‘Oh! God’, he exclaimed on seeing ‘401 WEB PAGE NOT FOUND’

Priya got frustrated thinking that Broadband service standards were still bad in India compared to the US on seeing the Rajesh’s profile in OFFLINE mode on GTALK!

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