Wednesday, June 2, 2010

National Highways - Some facts...

The wealth of any country will grow only with the network of effective transport facility. India one of the biggest developing countries in the world has an huge network of transport system. Most of which were laid by the English people, which were well developed to meet the growing needs.

National Highways in India is managed by National Highways Authority of India (NHAI)which is constituted as per the NHAI Act passed in Indian Parliment in 1988. It is responsible for the development, maintenance and management of National Highways entrusted to it and for matters connected or incidental thereto. The Authority was operationalised in Feb, 1995.

NHAI's active contribution started with its Golden Quadrilateral Project implemented by the A. B. Vajpayee's Union Government in the goal of connecting the two ends of the country Kanyakumari and Kashmir with Road network with a web connecting all the major Sea ports.

NH no 7 which is considered as the India's longest National Highway is included in the Golden quadrilateral project. Indian road network is the world's second largest one with about covering 33 lakhs KM of roads of which 200 KM is considered to be Express Highway were the minimum speed is around 100 KM/Hr and about 70,548 KM in NH with maximum speed of 70 KM/Hr.

In Tamil Nadu the major NH are 7, 46,and 47. Salem, Krishnagiri are starting points for one NH each. Madurai, Trichy and salem forms the junction point for about 5 NH each.

The first public - private project for four lane road on build-operate-hand over basis in Tamil Nadu is implemented in coimbatore byepass road connecting Coimbatore and Pallakad. This project is carried over by L&T company with arrangement of operating for 25 years.

The infrastructure development in the Road sector in India had made enormous changes in the recent years offering millions of job oppurtunities contributing to the development of the whole country.

NHAI has released security bonds on the face value of Rs. 10000 which in the 2011 in the aim of fund raising. This will be a safe investment option but with a nominal interest rate of 6%. Recently Union Government has decided to form a new organisation for raising the finance towards the projects of NHAI. So in feature investment in NHAI will turn into a profitable one.

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