Monday, December 6, 2010

Patna - India's history sleeps here...

I went to this historical place on a cool season which changed my entire opinion on India. The first thing i noted in this place is the dietary habit which the rest of the country loosing. The habit of going with nature, every vendor in the train or railway platform is carrying a natural eatables. No chemicals.

But the next thing which i saw made me to frown. Every station in the state is filled with a row human creatures lying asleep in the night. These people dont have a shelter. Still the constitution is not fully established in this state.

At that momemt, kerala based railway employee, gave a information that human lives are not considered a matter. Illegal activities are very common and its very unsafe to go out in night. So not even Gandhi's dream came true.

Transport is one of the horrible one in Patna and the entire Bihar. No public transport system, neither govt nor private operated. Only cycle rickshaw, auto rickshaw...The reason is very funny...No citizen is willing to pay money for the travelling ticket...But the people are dedicated in their work...but no one seems to have a good IQ (Person driving the car only on second gear, a crowd inside the ATM centre, travelling in roof top with the entire van empty)

The only thing which makes us feel is the feel that the Indian history started in Pataliputra. The oldest Nalanda university, Buddha gaya, Jamshedpur steel city, and many more to mention...If we want ot write anything on India's history both ancient and modern, patna will find a first mention.

Patna museum has a plenty of good old sculptures aging from 2A.D. brought from all part of India, afganistan, Burma, China, Srilanka, etc., collections of Rajendra Prasad, Nehru, etc.,

But in recent years, Patna and Bihar as a whole had a reasonable developments. Many villages which has not experienced electricity is glowing now, a few flyovers in the city, wide railway stations, many many government schemes and many to mention.

Recent surprise is out of elected 243 MLA, 19 where Doctorate holders. Another thing to mention is, Bihar is one of the state which gives the nation more number of IAS officers.

The final opinion after the visit to Bihar is, we can't declare India as a developed one without sufficient contribution to and from this part of the country.

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