Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Manithanukkulle Oru Mirugam - A Book Review

Title: Manithanukkulle Oru Mirugam
Language: Tamil
Author: Cartoonist Madhan
Publisher: Vikatan Media Services
Price: Rs. 110/=

I have read this book a year ago. But it will be apt to have a review on this at this time. This book is a compilation of the serial articles published in Junior Vikatan during the days Madhan Started writing stories like Late Sujatha, who use to write in Ananda Vikatan. This book focussed only the dark aspects of the human beings. Analysed in a very different manner even a psychologist will hesitate to talk. Even the author himself has given a disclaimer that the reader should not consider him as psycho.

Author has described mostly the incidents that happened in the western countries. Similiar things also happened in our part of the world also. Most of the incidents were about the one man worship and its consequences. Author so intelligent to convince the reader that this are all due to the innocence of the people and not the community leader.

The incident which made me to frown is the one happened in late 50's that the US army itself failed to attack a prayer community organised by a single man who declared himself as the Prophet.

Altogether a must read book by every one. (Particularly at this time)

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