Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Angaadi Theru...Tamil Movie Review

Starring: Magesh, Anjali, Sneha(Guest Performance)
Director: Vasantha Balan
Music: G V Prakash
This film is from the minds of the block buster movie 'Veyil' director Vasantha balan. He proved again his talent in this movie, which is based on the life in Chennai's shopping hub T.Nagar.

Director made all his efforts to make the audience to feel the reality in the movie. To boost his efforts, each character in the film played their best part. Story starts by narrating a real incidence that happened in the platforms of chennai.
Hero Magesh is a sales boy in a textile firm who was forced to do this job due to his family situation and heroine Anjali is a sales girl who was also forced here because of her family. (Almost every one in this field have some or the other family issues....in reality also). The torture they face in the work area will definitely make the audience to behave in friendly manner when they go to shopping next time.
The boy can easily tolerate the tortures but the girl....its worth thinking when a sales girl smiles at you in the shop. Though the movie is full of sentiments, after each such scene there is some comedy scene to keep you on flow with the movie.
When that girl commit suicide we automatically get the feel of killing that guy, but when he justify his part,it really explains the situation.
Sneha who starred as a ad model also is there to prove something behind all the ad films.(her appearance says something about which shop the film is about).
Director in one of his interview told he stayed in a mansion in the T.Nagar to write the script for the film and this is something he witnessed. (in the movie, all the shops name was there except one shop....???)
Officials who see this movie should take actions to ensure the welfare of huge working population. I think these people doesnt have any advantage of the ESI,PF, etc.,
Hope this movie opens the door for the smiley customers....

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