Friday, April 22, 2011

Body Gaurd Muneeswaran Temple-a stop without putting the brakes...

Bodygaurd Muneeswaran temple is situated in the Pallavan Salai, Chennai near Pallavan House and the Old Central Jail building. Its well known among the chennai city people and most of the Medicos, since this temple is the official landmark given in the address to the Island grounds Kendriya Vidyalaya during All India PG exams.

The history of this temple goes back to 1919, when some workers from then North Arcot district brought a idol of muneeswaran and tried to fix it near the military barrocks. Commender of that camp strongly objected, but he realised the fault very same day when he met with the road accident. By these this muneeswaran become bodygaurds for vehicles. Later a small shelter is given to the temple.

Another story behind this is...the present Pallavan house is the place where the Governor's security (Bodygaurds) camp was functioning. Since this temple is near the camps compound wall, people called it as Bodygaurd Muneeswaran.

Whatever be the story behind the temple, people have a strong beleif with this God in protecting them from road traffic accidents.

Every day we can see hundreds of two wheelers and four wheelers parked waiting for the pooja.

He is a non vegetarian God, so people can go accordingly for pooja...Whatever be the belief, drive safely on road, then all God will be in your side.

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