Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Viluppuram - Tamil Nadu's Bihar...

Viluppuram, the second largest district in the state of Tamil Nadu is situated in the trunk of Chennai-Tiruchy National Highway is one of the main agricultural based district yet a under developed one. Viluppuram which once a part of the South Arcot district with head quarters in Cuddalore got bifurcated in 1993 as Viluppuram Ramasamy Padayatchi District which latter renamed as Viluppuram District (As part of common policy of the state to name the district with the head quarter's name).

Viluppuram is situated in the center of the main cities of the state, Chennai, Tiruchy, Vellore, Salem and Puducherry with distance to each around 160-170 KM except for Puducherry with a distance of just 40 KM.

Viluppuram official website welcomes us with a quote of VIZHI MAANAGAR, the reason for which is unknown(clarification needed). Viluppuram district is mostly covered with hills, better to say rocks. Its nice to see huge rocks scattered over a vast area looking like a toys of a kid. The places of interest in Viluppuram district are Kalrayan Hills and the Gingee Hills. Viluppuram has a strong historical background with rulers of all kingdom of the south india having their establishment here with a major credit going to Gingee Fort.

Viluppuram is filled with many temple all over the district, notable to mention is the Angalaparameshwari Temple in Melmalayanoor and the Koothandavar Temple in Koovagam (the important temple for transgender people)

When administration is taken, the feather goes to the Viluppuram Division of the State Transport Corporation. This division is the biggest in the state almost serving all the north districts of the state with majority going to Viluppuram, Vellore, Cuddalore, Tiruvannamalai. Next goes to the National Highway 45 and 45A which made the travel to southern part of the state so easy and convenient. Next the Railways, one of the biggest railway junction almost crossed by more than 30 Express trains daily and 10 trains having their stoppages. Yet it suffers a lot due to its single track and non electrification. Once double track and electrification of Broad gauge is done, this junction will be the next Salem in the Chennai Egmore - Madurai route.

The back bone of the district is agriculture with major share going to Sugarcane, with a minor share going to coconut and groundnut. Its so surprise that the town has got four co-operative sugar mills.(its counterpart biggest Vellore district has got three mills). This district has got a coastal area of 32 KM along Bay of Bengal, so there is scope for fisheries too.

Regarding education, now only the overall litracy rate started to raise to reach the figure of 70%. There is no big educational institutions in the district. Recently some private institutions started in the enggineering sector. The recent addition to the education crown is the Government Medical College functioning over a year with an annual intake of 100 students with a 300 bedded hospital and all speciality care. This is going to make big difference in the district's economy and health.

When coming to the important people presented by the district, the first person coming to the mind is the Acting Legend Sivaji Ganesan and Kanchi Periyavar Sri Chandrasekara Sarawathi Swamigal.

Now people reading this article will wonder abou the title 'Tamil Nadu's Bihar...'. Though the district has this many infrastructure and man power, the district remains a under developed part of the state, like bihar. There is problem with the administration it seems. Some body like Nithish Kumar has to come to change the district.

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